Designer & Visual Artist

2006 - Present.

When i was a little kid my mother told me not to stare into the sun, so once when i was six, i did. My pupils shrunk to pinholes and everything came into focus and for a moment i understood ...

Simon Posford and Raja Ram are Shpongle, an ambient techno/trance project formed in 1996 after the pair viewed a solar eclipse in India. The two went into the studio and attempted to duplicate the experience in sonic form, and the result was a 20-minute track, "...And the Day Turned to Night," which was featured on a Twisted label compilation titled Eclipse. Shpongle's full-length debut album, Are You Shpongled?, was released in early 1999.


The name Paul Ritch echoes around the world. His productions and live sets, charged with pure adrenaline and characterised by his powerful, harmonic, and deep techno, has made him be the holder of a unique mark of sounds in which, his passion and power transmit numerous memorable music moments.

In 2009 Paul brought to life his own label Quartz Rec, the label puts forward minimalistic sounds that are blunt, sharp and energetic. The label is a testament of the ability Paul has to achieve perfection. With his first release, “Split EP Part 1” (Paul Ritch, 2008), he held the top 2 position in sales on Beatport, reaching over 11.000 downloads. Therefore, in 2009 Paul Ritch was nominated by Beatport as a candidate for best techno artist.

In 2009, Paul performed on stages in 4 continents including clubs such as Berghaim (Berlin), Fuse (Bruselas), Nitsa (Barcelona), Vox (Athens), The End (London), Cocoon Club (Frankfurt), Goa (Rome and Madrid), Rex (Paris), Sankeys (Manchester), Lux (Lisbon), Circus (Liverpool) and Womb, Tokyo (Japan), among many others. He also performed in festivals including Awakenings, Neo Pop Festival, Uzes Festival, Electrosonic Festival, Voolt Festival, and WMC.


Hadra Records is happy to introduce you "Hadravision" : first ambient compilation of the label selected by Mic(aka Nun) and Sysyphe, both Dj and ambient composers. With the idea to gather various sensibilities in the same compilation such as Adham Shaikh, Irina Mikahailova, Aes Dana, Kick Bong and other appearing artists, Hadra suggests you this opus dedicated to a downtempo and ethnic ambient. The spirit of this new release is to calm your days, wave after wave, color after color, track after track, variation of rhythm, sound poem, drawing and telling story, vision … which is the sound reflection of ambient experience.


After gaining support from the likes of Audiojack, Hanne & Lore, Malente and Pascal Feos just to name a few, The Chosen Two are back with a massive and brand new EP! First the leading track Alte Frische which proved itself to shake all dance floors which is was ever played so far! Coming with a groovy 80s style bass line and a liquid and funky acid line which sounds like directly recorded from good old Norman Cook.

Next up is Wasted a good time party track which for sure will make it in hot rotation of most DJs playing the contemporary in-house style. The tune was created together with Toomsen who is also one part of Bengel & Bosch and belongs to The Chosen Two’s party clique joining them on every Berlin party!

For the deeper people around Neue Mattheit the last song on the EP will do it for sure. A dark synth arp line twisted together with a funked up bass and some crazy vocal scats …

WASTED (ORIGINAL MIX) ⏤ The Chosen Two, Toomsen

Amon Tobin - Sometime back in the mid-90s a fresh faced Brazilian ex-pat living in the UK decided he was going to put down his harmonica, pick up a sampler, and name himself after a Stephen King novel. The resulting album, Cujo’s Adventures in Foam (released on Ninebar records, later reissued on Ninja Tune) signalled Amon Tobin’s entry into the world of music.
Trippy Animation courtesy of Anthony Francisco Schepperd.


SUNDIAL AEON (prev.SUNDIAL) was formed since Autumn 2005 in Poland by creative ideas of one AURAL PLANET's artists Radoslaw Kochman/Raiden, Daniel Lulkowski/Dan (Hoyden Space) and two other musicians, Jaroslaw Jacek/Giku and Patryk Gegniewicz/Revisq (both from the Electronic Act Itoa).

Since autumn 2006 Vladislav Isaev/Scann-Tec joined Sundial as a full time musician and band DJ. Sundial Aeon music is already used in many projects like games, multimedia presentations, websites, tv and radio jingles, spots and has been released on acclaimed Iboga Recs sub label Sofa Beats (Denmark), Chillcode Recs (Germany), Ultimae (France)
and Yellow Sunshine Explosion (United Kingdom).

In June 2006 Sundial released debut album Metabasis (Chilling Cuts Part 2) on Flow Recs (Portugal). In January 2007 Sundial changed name to Sundial Aeon and the result of new work is album Apotheosis mixed by Sundial Aeon band DJ Vladislav Isaev/Scann-Tec.

Pleasure Impact (ORIGINAL MIX) / Apotheosis ⏤ Sundial Aeon